GCI regularly offers business lectures on an assorted topics related with the most trendy business issues. These lectures are given by professors from top universities around the world, managers from famous companies, successful entrepreneurs who specialized in different business areas.

Not only will you have an insightful understanding of the latest business phenomenon but also a chance to communicate with others. The lecture can be a knowledge-gaining, thought-provoking and social-bonding occasion.

A Series of Lectures on China’s Business Environment:

  • Mr. Mario Fan: The shortcut from the alps to the great wall: e-Commerce and Digital Marketing in China
  • Mr. Weihuang Jin: Financial Environment of China and the Opportunities of European Investors
  • Professor Rien T. Segers: The Inevitable Asianization of the World, a stunning Chinese example
  • Professor Ruohong Chen: China Legal Environment of Business in the Coming Years: New Changes, Further Integration
  • Mr. Jan Siemons: Doing business in China: opportunities and risks

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