Chinese Language Teachers Training Program

Date: 23 – 25 June, 2017
Location: Herengracht 141, 1015 BH Amsterdam, the Nederlands
Number of Participants: 30. First come, first served.
Registration fee: one day: €40,00; two days: €80,00; three days: €120,00
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Friday 23 June
1.00 pm Registration
1.20 pm Welcome words from Director of Groningen Confucius Institute
1.30 pm Speech by Counselor of Education, Chinese Embassy, the Netherlands
1.40 pm Lecture by Shichun Lin, Lorentz Lyceum
Topic: The Application of TPRS in Chinese Teaching
2.40 pm Tea Break
3.00 pm Lecture by Marlies Rijbroek and Chen Chen, Hogeschool Windesheim
Topic: Teaching Chinese in the Netherlands: Dutch Language Pedagogy for Teaching Chinese
4.30 pm Panel discussion: Innovative Teaching and the Effectiveness in Chinese Classroom
Panelists: Gwendolyn Tates, Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar
Meiyi Bao, University College Utrecht
Wenjia Xu, Groningen Confucius Institute
6.00 pm Opening dinner (Location: to be announced)

Saturday 24 June
10.00 am Lecture by Prof. Wang Keping, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Topic: Chinese Thinking Mode: A Case Analysis of Pragmatic Reason
11.00 am Lecture by Prof. Mao Yue, Beijing Language and Culture University
Topic: Chinese Classroom Teaching Methods
12.00 pm Lunch
1.00 pm Lecture by Prof. Mao Yue, Beijing Language and Culture University
Topic: Task-based Chinese Teaching Methods
2.00 pm Lecture by Prof. Zhang Hao, Beijing Language and Culture University
Topic: How to Teach Chinese Vocabulary
3.00 pm Tea Break
3.30 pm Lecture by Prof. Zhang Hao, Beijing Language and Culture University
Topic: How to Teach Chinese Grammar
4.30 pm Review and reflection 6.00 pm Dinner (Location: to be announced)

Sunday 25 June
10.00 am Lecture by Prof. Wang Keping, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Topic: What Is Beauty in Art Making: A Dialogue between East and West
11.00 am Lecture by Marieke Havinga, Scholengemeenschap Vincent van Gogh
Topic: Multiple intelligences applied in Chinese Teaching
12.00 am Presentation by Teacher from Groningen Confucius Institute
Topic: Introduction to the Certificate Examination for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
12.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Lecture by Oliver Moore, Chair in Chinese Culture and Language at the Faculty of Arts, RUG
Topic: Teaching Chinese Through Reading
3.00pm Panel discussion: Language Learning and Cross-Cultural Competence Cultivating
Panelists: Dadi Chen, Universiteit Leiden
Marieke Havinga, Scholengemeenschap Vincent van Gogh
Jiang Wei, Groningen Confucius Institute
4.00 pm Closing speech and certificates issue

About speakers (organized according to the time of their speech/speeches)

Lin Shichun
Lin Shichun is currently the director of Stichting Chinese School Arnhem, and a Chinese language and culture teacher in Lorentz Lyceum Arnhem. She is an expert in Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS), which has been well applied to her teaching practices. She did her study in Chinese in Leiden and economy in Nijmegen. She has worked as a secretary of Chinees Levende Talen and been involved in a Chinese examination pilot program. Besides her experience in Chinese teaching, she taught economy for eight years in Titus Brandsma College, and Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Marlies Rijbroek
Marlies Rijbroek is a lecturer and senior consultant of modern foreign languages at the department of teacher education at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Studying master in Spanish language and literature and after a career in international business, Marlies took up Educational studies and became a primary school and a special education teacher. In the meantime she specialized in second language learning and teaching, and school management. Appointed at Windesheim she started to study Chinese and took on leadership of the development of a teaching program for Chinese language and culture. While carrying out a PhD research on Chinese pronunciation teaching and learning, she developed an effective learning environment for Chinese, combining Flipped the classroom, Blended Learning, international insights into teaching Chinese as a second language and specific Dutch pedagogy.

Chen Chen
Chen Chen is currently studying a Master of Linguistics in her second year at Shaanxi Normal University, China. Furthermore, she is a Chinese teacher-assistent at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences Zwolle, from September, 2016 until now. She is a qualified teacher with international Chinese Teacher qualification certification and has more than 2 years teaching experience. She feels that especially the year she has been teaching Chinese in the Netherlands has made her better understand European language pedagogy and the differences between teaching Chinese and Dutch students.

WANG Keping
WANG Keping (Keping WANG) is currently a fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), and professor of Beijing International Studies University (BISU). He was formerly a visiting fellow of St. Anne’s College of Oxford University, visiting professor of School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry of Sydney University, honorary member of Olympic Center for Philosophy and Culture, and vice president of International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD). His main publications in English and Chinese include Rediscovery of Sino-Hellenic Ideas(2016); Moral Poetics in Plato’s Laws (2015); Plato’s Poetics in the Republic (2005, rev. 2014); Reading the Dao: A Thematic Inquiry (2011); Chinese Way of Thinking (2009); Spirit of Chinese Poetics (2008); Ethos of Chinese Culture (2007); and Aesthetics in Tourism (2007, rev. 2015).

Mao Yue
Mao Yue, Ph.D., Professor and Deputy Director of Faculty of International Education of Chinese Language in Beijing Language and Culture University. She has been engaged in Chinese teaching for more than 20 years, giving courses on Chinese reading, speaking, listening of varied levels. She has taught at the East Asia Department of Columbia University in the United States and has been working as a Hanban training expert in many countries. Her research focus is on Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, including teaching theories, teaching modes, teaching methods, teaching material research and research on short-term intensive Chinese teaching for special purposes. She is the author of plentiful academic books and Chinese textbook. She has presided over and participated in a number of national scientific research projects, and published dozens of academic papers. She has won the second prize in National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award and first prize in Beijing Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award.

Zhang Hao
Zhang Hao, Ph. D and professor of Beijing Language and Culture University. Her expertise lies in the area of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. She has been working as a Chinese expert in several overseas universities, including Zurich University of Switzerland, Sam Houston University of USA and York University of Canada. Her publications include more than 20 journal papers, over 10 academic monographs and Chinese textbooks. She was awarded the title of Master Teacher of BLCU last year thanks to her excellence in teaching and research.

Marieke Havinga
Marieke Havinga MA, studied Sinology at Leiden University, Bachelor of Education at Hogeschool Leiden, now works as a teacher in Chinese Language and Culture in Hanzehogeschool Groningen and at the Confucius Classroom in Cs. Vincent van Gogh in Assen. She has experience in education now for more than 15 years, teaching in all levels, from age 4 till 90. She used to be the representative in the set up of the Confucius Institute Groningen from 2010 until 2013. Besides she occasionally is involved in research regarding Asian Business which resulted in some publications.

Oliver Moore
Oliver Moore is Professor of Chinese Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. He studied Chinese at SOAS (London University and Fudan University (Shanghai). His PhD dissertation is a social history of Tang and Five Dynasties’ civil service examinations. He has worked at the British Museum, Leiden University and Kyoto University, and the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden. His interests cover the history, art history, sociology and international relations of early and modern China. His forthcoming book is a study of China’s history of photography.

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