China-Europe Business Talent Honours Programme


Working together has never been so important. The European Union (EU) and People’s Republic of China are both world players. The EU is China’s biggest trading partner, while China is the EU’s largest source of imports and 2nd largest two-way trading partner. These relationships are a major source of wealth, jobs, development and innovation for both sides. The CEBT Honours Programme was developed in 2015 by the International Business School, in collaboration with the Groningen Confucius Institute. Its aim is to advance business interaction between China and Europe, through the activities and achievements of a new generation of young professionals: honours students!

Benefits for student participants

The China-Europe Business Talent Honours Programme (CEBT) will provide a platform on which top-performing students can develop high-end organisational and leadership skills, through real-life business projects. It will give talented students the skills to succeed in the key areas that influence Sino-European business. Students will work at multidisciplinary and international levels to explore a wide range of subjects that affect business cooperation, such as language, culture, society, law and economic policies. The CEBT Honours Programme will include the placement and graduation periods and, during the key phases, students will work on the Sino-Europe business assignments of a company.

  • Open to students of the International Business and Management Studies 4 year bachelor's programme and other economics-related bachelor's programmes at Hanze UAS.
  • Applications submitted at the end of the 1st year. Programme begins in September each year, at the start of the 2nd year of study (main phase of the bachelor's programme).
  • Additional 30 ECTS spread over years 2, 3 and 4.

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