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GCIA provides a diverse range of Chinese culture courses and workshops, in a dynamic way, please find more information below:

-Introduction of Chinese Tea Culture and Tea Ceremony

Tea is one of the most popular and essential drinks in China, both in ancient and contemporary times. In this three-week course (2 hours per week) you will have an authentic taste of Chinese tea culture.

Topics include: the history of Chinese tea, classification and appreciation of Chinese tea, tea in modern China, tea ceremony instructions and so on.
(Group class: Minimum 5 registrations.)

-A Taste of Chinese Instrument Zither(Guzheng)

Guzheng is a plucked string classical Chinese instrument with more than 2500 years history.
In this four-week(1.5 hours per week),you will have a basic understanding of Guzheng history, feature and fingering techniques and also have opportunity to play several Guzheng tunes on you own.
(1 on 1 individual courses)

-An Insight to Contemporary China’s Society

As a country in the Far East, China is familiar to many Western people yet unfamiliar in many undiscovered aspects.
In this three-week course (2 hours per week), we will bring you up to date on China, to show you what is going on in China currently.

Topics include: introduction of China, family in China, education in China, career aspirations in China, travelling in China, social life in China and so on.
(Group class: Minimum 5 registrations.)

-Chinese Arts Series

China is home to one of the four early civilizations found around the world, and along the history there is a wild range of art treasures.
In this four-week course (1.5 hours per week), you will be able to taste these four kinds of arts:
Chinese Zither (Guzheng), Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting and Chinese tea ceremony.
You will have the opportunity to explore these topics using an interactive hands-on approach.
(Group class: Minimum 5 registrations.)

-Chinese-Dutch Cultural Dialogue

Today, the Netherlands has become China’s third largest trade partner in the EU, while China has also become one of the largest sources of Outward Foreign Direct Investment in the Netherlands. A far west nation and a far east ancient country, what brought them close, and what makes them yet distinguishable?

In the following three weeks’ course (2 hours per week), we will walk you through the long historic relation between the two nations, their modern business partnership, and the exchange among the people. In the meantime, you will also gain insight into the cultural harmony as well as the cultural clash in the two countries with all interesting topics.
(Group class: Minimum 5 registrations.)

Registration 2019

Group class:60 Euro per course
1 on 1 class: 180 Euro per course

Please note:
All the course will be taught by English.

We will inform you whether a course will start or not one week before the start of the course.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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