Chinese Cultural Day in Groningen

18 May 2017 - Chinese Cultural Day, organized by ACSSG*, Groningen Confucius Institute, University of Groningen (RUG) and Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, attracted around 200 people in Groningen. The Cultural Day was characterized with keynote speeches, Chinese social and cultural workshops, performances and buffet, bringing China close by.

The Cultural Day kicked off with two keynote speeches, with GCI Director Mrs. Jingyi Liu shedding some light on cultural intelligence and Professor Oliver Moore from RUG touching upon Chinese study in Groningen, which triggered the audience's great interest.

GCI Director Mrs. Jingyi Liu was giving a keynote speech

Professor Oliver Moore was giving a keynote speech

A series of workshops concerning current social issues in China and different aspects of Chinese culture followed, such as left-behind children in rural China, climate policy and rules in modern China, traditional Chinese painting and Chinese tea ceremony. All the workshops were well attended by people with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Workshops concerning social issues in China

GCI teacher Jia Wang was hosting Chinese calligraphy workshop

GCI teachers Ming Wen and Lulu Lin were hosting Chinese tea ceremony workshop

GCI teacher Zhen Yang was hosting traditional Chinese painting workshop

GCI teacher Wenjia Xu was hosting paper-cutting workshop

The day was joyfully ended with Chinese cultural performances and Chinese buffet. The performances ranged from traditional Chinese dancing to Chinese martial arts. For instance, a show combining Hulusi performance and Chinese ethnic dance was carried out by GCI teachers Jia Wang and Wei Jiang.

Various performances

By Lulu Lin, photos and video by Yuhui Li

*ACSSG: Association of Chinese Students and Scholars Groningen

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