Chinese Culture Night in University College of Groningen

Rooms full of such Chinese elements as Chinese knots were packed with students. It was the Night of Chinese Culture in University College of Groningen (UCG) on Feb 23, which was co-organized by GCI and GCI students from UCG. Traditional Chinese food, cultural performances and cultural workshops in this Night allowed students to have a close contact with Chinese culture.

The beginning of the Night was marked by the delicious aroma of freshly-made Chinese food. Students enjoyed them to a great extent, as it can be seen how fast plates were emptied.

Dumping making

Chinese food tasting

The Night went on with different cultural performances and activities by GCI teachers and students. The performance of martial art and classic Chinese songs with Hulusi showed the colorfulness of Chinese culture from different perspectives, which won applause from the audience. Later on, cultural online quizzes, incorporating Chinese culture and Dutch culture, were hosted, with students' active participation.

Martial art performance by a student called Eelke Leemeijer

Hulusi performance by GCI teacher Wei Jiang

The Night ended with two GCI cultural workshops, Chinese calligraphy workshop and traditional Chinese painting workshops. The beauty of strokes of inks and the spreading of colors on the rice papers mesmerized participants and kindled their interest.

Experiencing traditional Chinese painting

Experiencing Chinese calligraphy

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20170223Chinese Culture Night in University College of Groningen

(text and photos by Lulu Lin)

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