Chinese Teachers Salon in GCI Amsterdam Branch

On Mar 11, 2017, Chinese teachers salon took place in GCI Amsterdam branch, bringing together Chinese teachers from different parts of the Netherlands. In the salon, teachers shared their insights, discussed teaching challenges encountered and made conducive suggestions.

As the host of this Salon, after welcoming all the teachers, GCI Director Mrs. Jingyi Liu explained that this salon aimed to create a platform for teaching experiences sharing and communication. In consistent with the aim, teachers touched upon a broad array of topics such as creative education, classroom management, digital resources, which triggered heated discussion.

GCI Director Jingyi Liu was giving a speech

Mr. Dadi Chen from Leiden University presented his view on the relationship between innovative features of Dutch education and Chinese language teaching, with such elements as tapping students' potential, kindling their learning passion and encouraging active learning at its heart.

Mr. Dadi Chen was sharing his view on innovative teaching

With regard to reported classroom management crisis, GCI teacher Mrs. Ziqiao Zang proposed her own teaching philosophy named "four appropriateness", the appropriateness of time, occasion, thought and emotion. By citing her classroom cases, she explained that taking into consideration Internet trends, classroom emergency, reverse thinking and student emotion is crucial for effective classroom management.

GCI teacher Ziqiao Zang was sharing her own teaching philosophy

Ms. Wei Jiang, GCI teacher, recommended various computer-assisted Chinese learning resources of Chinese characters, pingyin, grammar and Chinese culture, accompanied with explicit and graphical explanation.

GCI teacher Wei Jiang was recommending digital tools for Chinese language teaching

Mrs. Xi Zeng, teaching in Amsterdam area, demonstrated the similarities between Chinese and Dutch languages, grounded on her research into related teaching literature and years of teaching knowledge. She mentioned that making use of the common ground between these two languages proved to be beneficial to Chinese learning for Dutch students.

Mrs. Xi Zeng was presenting her view on teaching Chinese to Dutch students

Another teacher Mrs. Ling Tang, then took the podium to talk about "immersion classroom". Based on the analyses of immersion classrooms in US, she systematically summarized its distinctive characteristics and unique teaching methodologies. In combination with her own teaching experiences, she also made some constructive suggestions.

Mrs. Ling Tang was talking out immersion classroom

The salon was successfully and joyfully wrapped up by a traditional Chinese painting workshop headed by GCI teacher Zhen Yang.

Teachers are experiencing traditional Chinese painting

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(by Lulu Lin, photos by Yuhui Li, Yang Lin)

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