Confucius Classroom at PCC Het Lyceum Festively Opened in Alkmaar

08 July, 2017-PCC Het Lyceum, setting up Chinese language courses in 2008, held the opening ceremony of 10th GCI Confucius Classroom, with the presence of more than 200 people. The ceremony was characterized with speeches, performances and interactive workshops.

Opening ceremony of Confucius Classroom at PCC Het Lyceum in Alkmaar

Rounds of invigorating lion dances merrily announced the start of the opening. More performances followed, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere, among which, traditional Hua Mulan show was performed with modern technology connecting the past and the present, and a song “I Love You” humorously expressed the challenges of learning Chinese culture in addition to Chinese language.

In the opening speech, Frans van Pinxteren, chairman of the school, first paid tribute to the great thinker Confucius and explained “Confucius Classroom”. Later on he expressed their will to take the mission to strengthen cultural understanding between youth in the Netherlands and their counterparts in China. The Mayor of Alkmaar Mr. P. Bruinooge believed that the interaction with China would be promoted economically and culturally with the establishment of this Confucius Classroom.

Chairman of PCC Het Lyceum Mr. Frans van Pinxteren was giving an opening speech

Principal of PCC Het Lyceum Mrs. J. Lotte was giving an speech

The Mayor of Alkmaar Mr. P. Bruinooge was giving a speech

GCI Director Mrs. Jingyi Liu appreciated the vision of the school leaders to cultivate the global citizen and the dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by all the staff. She elaborated that GCI would provide consistent support to teacher training, Chinese library building and summer camp to the students. Mr. Yiwei Wang, from education sector of Chinese embassy to the Netherlands shared his experience of living in the Netherlands from cultural perspective.

GCI Director Mrs. Jingyi Liu was giving a speech

Mr. Yiwei Wang, from education sector of Chinese embassy to the Netherlands was giving a speech

Besides, the ceremony boasted various Chinese cultural workshops, such as table tennis, martial art, calligraphy. Among the workshops, culture science labs of extracting ink from resin for calligraphy and studying the structure of Chinese cabbage were very unique and innovative, infusing Chinese culture into science classes.

Chinese Cultural Activities designed by teachers and students of PCC Het Lyceum

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(By Lulu Lin, Photos and video from PCC Het Lyceum)

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