GCI Held Annual Chinese Festival

Groningen Confucius Institute (GCI) successfully held the annual Chinese Festival from 11:30 to 16:50 on 30 September at Oosterpoort. More than 150 audiences from various fields of society joined in this grand event.
Mr. Jan Klerken, the vice director of GCI, hosted the ceremony and Mr. Sibrand Poppema, President of University of Groningen and board member of Groningen Confucius Institute, delivered a welcoming speech before a variety of cultural performances, including Chinese kungfu, dragon dance, Chinese instrument recital and a series of workshops, for instance, martial arts, tea ceremony, Chinese singing, Chinese calligraphy and paper-cutting etc, which enabled participants to have a taste of Chinese language and culture in an very engaging atmosphere.

Mr. Jan Klerken was hosting the ceremony

Mr. Sibrand Poppema was giving a speech

Various performances

GCI teacher Cui Hao was hosting Experience Chinese language for adults

GCI teacher Afang Fang was hosting traditional Chinese calligraphy workshop

GCI teacher Wenjia Xu was hosting Chinese tea ceremony

Martial arts workshop by Bao Trieu

GCI teacher Jangfan Xie was hosting traditional Chinese paper-cutting workshop

Taji Roli ball workshop by Jan van Schoot

GCI teachers Wei Jiang and Cui Hao were hosting Chinese singing workshop

GCI teacher Afang Fang was hosting Chinese Poem Recital workshop

During the closing speech, Xuefei Cao, the Dutch director of GCI, explained to the audience the mission of GCI and also the full range of activities organized by GCI in the coming months.

Mrs. Xuefei Knoester-Cao was giving the closing speech

The festival was joyfully ended with a collective appearance of GCI team on the stage, among whom were performers and workshop hostess of the day but Chinese language teachers in the daily work.

GCI team

(By Afang Fang, Jingfan Xie; Photos by Yang Lin, Jingyi Liu)

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