GCI hosted Chinese module course at Leeuwarder Lyceum

The new round of GCI Chinese module course was rounded off successfully at Leeuwarder Lyceum on November 28. Six GCI teachers worked together for the four-week Chinese module course as a support of Excellent Stream Project for students at Leeuwarder Lyceum. More than 50 students, who have been divided into two separate classes at levels of 1A and 2A, participated in the course. A two-hour class with half focusing on culture and the other half on language was given on each class on every Tuesday from November 7 to November 28. Daily topics including greetings, family, hobbies, school life, etc. were practiced in the language lessons which have been integrated with traditional and modern Chinese culture lessons such as Chinese calligraphy, martial arts, music, sports.

GCI teacher, Cui Hao was hosting a language course

GCI teacher, Yang Wang was hosting a language course

GCI teacher, Wenjia Xu was hosting the culture course about China and Chinese overview

GCI teacher, Jingfan Xie was hosting the culture course about Chinese traditional sports “five-animal mimic play”

GCI teacher, Wei Jiang was hosting the culture course about Chinese music

GCI has started to give the module courses since 2014. The courses have been given to over 200 students at Leeuwarder Lyceum, CS Vincent van Gogh and Corlaer College. It has helped students not only in improving their Chinese language proficiency but also in understanding Chinese culture and society.

(By Yang Wang, Jingfan Xie)

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