GCI Teachers Salon 2018

On 17 March 2018, Groningen Confucius Institute (GCI) held the Chinese Teachers Salon in Groningen Confucius Institute Amsterdam, bringing together Chinese teachers from different parts of the Netherlands. The aim of this salon is to share experiences and explore creative solutions in Chinese teaching.
After welcome all the teachers, Mrs. Jingyi Liu, the Chinese director of GCI, announced that this salon is aimed to build a platform for the communication of teaching resources. The communication of creative ideas and talking by heart are the resonance of our emotion. Feeling the Chinese art element, such enjoyment is a worthy gift.

GCI Director Jingyi Liu was giving a speech

The teaching salon started with sharing readings for different Chinese levels of student from Wenjia Xu and Yang Wang. Through instructional education methods of reading, different presenting form, and sync audio may allow students to learn better.

GCI teacher Wenjia Xu was sharing her view on graded readings

GCI teacher Yang Wang was sharing her view on graded readings

GCI teacher Wei Jiang and Cuiwen Zhou shared the web resource for Chinese teaching, which contained the pronunciation, characters and vocabulary and grammar*

GCI teacher Wei Jiang was sharing her web resources

GCI teacher Afang Fang and Xin Guo shared the App resources for teaching Chinese, which are useful to correct the pronunciation.

GCI teacher Afang Fang was sharing her App resources

Lars Scholten from Wolfer Tweetaling shared the WebApp for teaching Chinese, which is helpful to facilitate Dutch teachers.

Lars Scholten, Wolfer Tweetaling, was sharing the WebApp

GCI teacher Cui Hao shared good book resources for teaching Chinese.

GCI teacher Cui Hao was sharing the book resources for teaching Chinese

GCI teacher Jie Chen and Jingfan Xie shared the class activity resources for three parts (Class group, tools, books). Jie Chen said that these small games may catch the students’ attention and raise their interest.

GCI teacher Jie Chen was hosting class activities with teachers

A 30-minute Chinese Zither workshop was also designed for this salon by Ms. Jingfan Xie, who introduced the basic knowledge of playing Chinese Zither. The salon ended with the participating teachers experiencing how to play a selected music piece of Chinese Zither under the guidance of Ms. Jingfan Xie and Ms. Wei Jiang in a joyful atmosphere.

GCI teacher Jingfan Xie was hosting the Chinese zither workshop

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