GCIA hosted a seminar on Sino-Dutch cross-cultural communication

On October 10, Groningen Confucius Institute Amsterdam hosted a seminar on the Sino-Dutch cross-cultural communication to about 20 students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This group of students is currently having a course on Intercultural Communication. The seminar in GCIA is an extra support to the academic study in a practical way. Through a few interesting and stimulating cases, GCIA teacher Ms. Xu Wenjia brought to the students a list of discussion topics regarding the cultural difference between China and the Netherlands, especially in education filed. Together with the students she explored and shared the historical root and philosophical reasons and implications. During the discussion, students also raised questions and cases from different angles to share their insights on this topic.

GCIA teacher Xu Wenjia was giving an introduction of GCI to the students

Student from The Hague University of Applied Sciences was sharing his insights on the cross-cultural communication

Participants of Sino-Dutch cross-cultural communication seminar

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