Successful Webinar on Teaching Chinese Grammar – GCI 2021

On 29 January 2021, the Groningen Confucius Institute successfully organised a webinar on teaching Chinese grammar. The webinar, titled A Usage-based communicative approach to explicit teaching of Chinese grammar: why, how, when and what? was given by Dr. Zhu Zhu and took place from 10:00 to 12:00. It attracted about 40 participants worldwide and was a real curtain-raiser for the upcoming 10 two-hour sessions of online interactive courses on teaching Chinese grammar scheduled in March, April and May of this year.

Dr. Zhuzhu is a PhD graduate in Translation Studies and Lecturer in Interpreting and Language Acquisition at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, with extensive experience in Chinese language teaching and teacher training.

Dr. Zhu Zhu, introducing the course outline

During this webinar, Dr. Zhu Zhu introduced the design concept behind her teacher training approach and gave a detailed course outline with key issues covered in the 10 upcoming online courses. She presented ample examples of how to teach the 把 (bǎ) construction, the continuous aspect marker 着 (zhe) and other complex Chinese grammar in a practical and interesting way.
Dr. Zhu Zhu also answered participants’ questions on how to choose suitable textbooks and organise interactive classroom activities online. Along with sharing her extensive expertise and wide range of teaching strategies, Dr. Zhu enthused participants with her deep passion for teaching the Chinese language. They left the webinar inspired and looking forward to the next series of online courses.

Dr. Zhu Zhu, answering questions from participants

This webinar marked GCI’s dedication to organise innovative courses and build experience in holding more online events in the future.

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