Dutch School Principals’ Visit to China 2018

Led by Jingyi Liu, Chinese Director of Groningen Confucius Institute (GCI), Associate Professor of Communication University of China (CUC), Dutch School Principals’ Trip to China has been successfully accomplished for the 3rd time from 20th till 26th in May.
Among our delegation, 6 are principals of secondary schools, 3 are principals of elementary schools and one is from Nuffic.

In Hanban (the Headquarters of Confucius Institute)

In CUC with Vice President Xinjun Li, Prof. Zengyu Pang and Prof. Long Zhang

As the host university for this trip, CUC extended a warm welcome to our principals’ delegation. Prof. Xinjun Li, the Vice President of CUC, Prof. Zengyu Pang, the Head of Confucius Institute Administrative Office of CUC, and Prof. Long Zhang, Deputy Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office of CUC, after a detailed introduction about CUC, put appreciation on the endeavors and achievements from GCI in Chinese language education and facilitation in educational cooperation between China and The Netherlands. Additionally, Prof. Zengyu Pang conveyed his gratitude to the contribution from Nuffic and every principal who made great efforts to the development of Chinese Language and Culture Program among the primary and secondary schools in The Netherlands. The delegation was impressed by the programs CUC has offered and some principals hoped their students to have opportunities, like summer camp, to visit CUC in the future.

The delegation was interviewed by CETV (China Education Television)

The Dutch Principals’ Delegation was also invited to have an interview on CETV in a TV program called Study Abroad, during which the members gave a detailed illustration from different dimensions about the system, concept as well as characteristics of the primary and secondary education in The Netherlands. After a short visit in CETV, the delegation was received by Mr. Zhengrong Hu, Chief Editor of CETV and he introduced the main objective and content of CETV and its relations to each segment of Chinese education system and explored with the delegation about potential cooperation on educational media field between The Netherlands and China.

The highlights of this trip are the visits to several primary and secondary schools in China, including the High School Affiliated to Beijing International Studies University, Experimental Primary School of Beijing Normal University, and also Luwan Senior High School, Shanghai. Through different forms of meetings, campus tours and class observations etc. the delegation was more impressed by the concept of school development and curricullum design. Visiting Chinese primary and secondary schools gives more chances for the delegation to know more about Chinese education system and motivates more opportunities to achieve cooperation and exchange between the schools in The Netherlands and China.

In the High School Affiliated to Beijing International Studies University

The Principals’ Delegation together with several directors in this school district had a panel meeting, through which they both realized the information exchange on primary and secondary school education includes campus culture, curricullum design, and teaching management etc. Ms. O’Conner, Principal of Voortgezet Onderwijs Veghel, had an in-depth discussion about their concepts on students cultivating and aims on school development and friendly intercourse was officially built after a cooperation and exchange memo was signed.

In Experimental Primary School of Beijing Normal University

During the visit in this primary school, the principals’ group was impressed by the independent research and development of curricullum system as well as their cooperation with the research team from Beijing Normal University. Principals trust it would be a great idea to enhance the connection in research area between elementary schools and higher education institutions in The Netherlands.

In Luwan Senior High School, Shanghai

In Neso China (office of Nuffic in Beijing)

5 members of the delegation are from some of the Confucius Classrooms and teaching points established by GCI. Additionally, Mr. Van der Wal, President of Northern Groningen Primary School Association, decided to initiate the cooperation with GCI and curricula for the next half year were expected to be fixed right after this trip; Mr. Meershoek, Board Director of Nuffic, sent out his voice to strengthen the cooperation with GCI in promoting Chinese Education Programs in primary and secondary schools in The Netherlands; Ms. O’Conner, Principal of Voortgezet Onderwijs Veghel, would like to set up an teaching point to develop Chinese language education under GCI’s support.

Dutch Principals’ Trip to China Program aims to provide a variety of channels of gaining more knowledge of Chinese culture, education and society to educational leaders in The Netherlands. It is not only an access to an extensive understanding of China but also a platform to explore further exchange and cooperation between schools in The Netherlands and China as well as promote Chinese language and culture education in The Netherlands.

(By Danning Chai, photo by students of Communication University of China, video by Shang Qiao)

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