The 6th Meeting of Confucius Classroom Committee of GCI at GCIA

The 6th Meeting of Confucius Classroom Committee of GCI was held at GCI Amsterdam office on November 15th. 12 school leaders and Chinese program coordinators from GCI Confucius Classrooms, together with GCI directors Mrs. Jingyi Liu and Mrs. Xuefei Cao, as well as GCI Confucius Classroom coordinator Ms. Wenjia Xu attended this annual gathering.

The meeting scene

The committee meeting started with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony with Guzheng recital performance by GCI teachers, which created a joyful and relaxing atmosphere for the audience. After the introduction of the Chinese programs of every school, each Confucius Classroom reviewed the rewarding cooperation with GCI in 2017, shared their experience of Chinese language and culture promotion and together made plans for the coming year. During the discussion of the development of the Chinese subject in Dutch secondary school education, school leaders mentioned that Chinese programs provide more opportunities to help students becoming global citizens, and schools would like to put more efforts to further develop Chinese subject, and to explore more possibilities together with GCI to create a bigger international platform for students.

Besides, GCI director Mrs. Jingyi Liu introduced the GCI supports to all the Confucius Classrooms such as Summer camp, HSK test, Confucius Institute Scholarship as well as Chinese Language Teachers’ training and workshops and so on. The meeting ended with a beautiful Guzheng performance.

The tea ceremony with Guzheng recital by GCI teachers

Attendees was communicating with each other

Mrs. Jingyi Liu was introducing the GCI supports

Guzheng recital

(By Yang Wang and Wenjia Xu, photos by Jie Chen)

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