Workshops for GCI Exhibition

GCI Exhibition: Revisiting Ancient Chinese Painting and Calligraphy was successfully held in China Cultural Center in Den Haag from 14 to 26 April 2018, during which a series of workshops were also specially designed, including Chinese Painting Workshop, Chinese Calligraphy Workshop and Tea Culture and Tea Ceremony Workshop, which attracted almost 200 visitors including around 160 Dutch secondary school students to attend.

The Chinese painting workshops were hosted by Mrs. Zhang Huirong, a reputed Chinese painter invited for GCI exhibition, who introduced the basic knowledge of Chinese ink wash painting to the participants and guided them how to draw an orchid, a lotus and a pumpkin step by step.

Mrs. Zhang Huirong was illustrating how to draw a pumpkin

Participants were showing their Chinese painting works

Mr. Zhang Qieyi, a renowned Chinese calligrapher of Mega Character invited for GCI exhibition, conducted the calligraphy workshops, where he demonstrated how to write the selected Chinese characters in calligraphy and also led the audience to feel the beauty of calligraphy. GCI teacher Ms. Fang Afang also assisted the workshops by giving an introduction to the evolution of Chinese characters and calligraphy fonts.

Mr. Zhang Qieyi was conducting the calligraphy workshop

Participants were showing their Chinese names from the calligrapher

GCI teacher, Fang Afang was assisting the calligraphy workshop

The tea culture and tea ceremony workshops were given by teachers from GCI: Ms. Wang Yang partnering Ms. Xu Wenjia, Ms. Zhou Wencui partnering Ms. Song Ziwen, with one tea ceremony performer and one tea culture narrator for each round. The history and the classification of Chinese tea, as well as the significance of tea for Chinese people, were illustrated to visitors before the tea ceremony was performed, after which the guests were invited to taste and appreciate the brewed tea.

GCI teacher, Zhou Wencui and Song Ziwen were performing a tea ceremony

GCI teacher, Wang Yang and Xu Wenjia were performing a tea ceremony

These three types of workshops enable participants to learn more about Chinese art and culture through personal experience and to gain a better understanding of GCI exhibition, which does not only showcase the art of Chinese calligraphy and painting but also present various forms of Chinese culture such as Chinese philosophy, literature, music in a comprehensive way.

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