The Chinese culture is one of the oldest and most complex in the world. For centuries this versatile and intriguing country has been a major influence in Southeast Asia. Through globalization and the growth of the Chinese economy, the Chinese culture has become more influential in the rest of the world. By organizing unique activities, Groningen Confucius Institute (GCI) will bring the Chinese society and the perception of its people closer to you.

To show the diversity of the Chinese culture, GCI would like to organize a wide range of activities on both traditional and the lesser-known modern cultures of China in the fields of literature, art, architecture, fashion, film and music to build up a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese culture.

Having close ties with China, we are able to show the authentic examples of Chinese culture and to keep you updated with the contemporary topics of China. GCI offers a fresh perspective on Chinese culture with exhibitions, lectures, workshops, performances and festivals, as well as culture consultancy. Through these activities we aim to make the Dutch people better acquainted with the various aspects of Chinese culture.

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