Groningen Confucius Institute Training and Testing Center

Groningen Confucius Institute provides uniquely tailored training to the needs of Chinese teachers working in Dutch schools and other educational institutions. Since 2013, GCI organized training programs every year in the form of lectures, seminars, presentations, on-the-spot guidance and panel discussions.

On December 21 2016, Groningen Confucius Institute Training and Testing Center, as well as the vey first mandarin (Putonghua) training and testing center in Europe was opened in The Hague. After the establishment of the Training and Testing Center, GCI will actively promote Chinese learning and regularly hold keynote speeches and seminars closely related with teacher training, with the purpose of molding itself into an important platform for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and culture research.

Groningen Confucius Institute
Oude Boteringestraat 42
9712 GL Groningen

Boteringestraat 44
9712 GL Groningen

tel. +31 (0)50 - 36 34 688