China (Jinan) New Kinetic International Competition of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Overseas Talents March – July 2019

China (Jinan) New Kinetic International Competition of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Overseas Talents is to be held to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading in Jinan and to provide supportive guarantee of talents and intellectuals for constructing the “Four Centers”, namely, “the Regional Center of Economy, Finance, Logistics and Sci-Tech Innovation”, by introducing creative, original and leading international high-tech projects, and by attracting overseas high-level Talents and teams to bring forth innovative ideas and start a business in Jinan.
Overseas innovative and entrepreneurial Talents (teams) are warmly welcome to participate in the competition, and are recommended to apply for projects in the following four fields:

  • Big data & new generation of information technology;
  • Intelligent manufacture & high-end equipment;
  • Biopharmaceuticals & medical rehabilitation
  • Modern efficient agriculture.

The winning projects will receive a business start-up funds provided by the Jinan Municipal Government and by the Venture Capital Fund.

Ⅰ. Title of the Competition

China (Jinan) New Kinetic International Competition of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Overseas Talents

II. Time & Place

  • Time of Competitions: March to July, 2019
  • Time of the Preliminary Competition: June 8, 2019
  • Site of the preliminaries: Hamburg,Germany
  • Time of the Finals: July, 2019
  • Site of the Finals: Jinan, China

III. Competition Categories

Priority support will be given to those who will contribute to the development of top 10 industries with each at 100 billion RBM level in Jinan, specifically focusing on the following four fields: Big data & new generation of
information technology, Intelligent manufacture & high-end equipment, Biopharmaceuticals & medical rehabilitation and Modern efficient agriculture.

IV. Competition Requirements

Participants are overseas innovative and entrepreneurial Talents (teams). Requirements are as follows:

  1. There are no rigid requirements of ages or educational background for participants or team leaders who have a well-planned entrepreneurial project and a business plan in the competition field, and whose technological achievements shall be internationally advanced with a good market prospect and shall be industrialized in line with the industrial development of Jinan.

  2. In principle, start-up projects shall be established in preference in Jinan; core team members shall own
    legitimate and independent intellectual property rights or usage rights (authorizations) of the projects they participate in, and shall have no disputes over property rights with others; liabilities arising from any infringement shall be borne by competitors.

V. Competition Procedure

Competitions are divided into four stages: signing up, preliminary review, preliminary competitions, and finals in Jinan.

  1. Signing up (prior to May 12, 2019). Please fill in the “Registration Form” (attached) and submit the project introduction documents, such as Project Planning Proposal and/or other related supporting documentation. Please send the “Registration Form” and all supporting documents to the Organization Committee in Europe - Association of Chinese-European Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACEIE) via email address: If any questions for signing up, please use the contact information at the end of this announcement for help.

  2. Preliminary Review in Europe (prior to May 20, 2019). Technological specialists, experts at venture capital institutions, well-known corporate executives and government representatives are invited to form a review group to carry out a blind review on the projects that have signed up and passed the qualification check to determine the short-listed ones.

  3. Preliminary Competitions in Europe (June 8, 2019). The preliminary competitions in the European region will be performed in the form of a road show and an oral defense, and projects will be evaluated and selected to enter the finals in Jinan by experts in European competition division according to the ranking of their scores.

  4. Finals in Jinan (July, 2019). Projects that win European preliminary competitions, after confirmed by the
    organizing Organizing Committee, will be invited to attend the finals in Jinan. Through the road show, on-site defense, and comprehensive assessment, the winning projects will be decided and an award ceremony will be held.

VI. Awards and Policy Support

(I) Awards Presented

Both Preliminary Competition in Europe and Finals in Jinan, each competition and each area will present 1 First Prizes, 2 Second Prizes and 3 Third Prizes. There will also be 1 Most Popular Project Award, 1 Most Valuable Project for Investors Award and 1 Best Tech Innovation Award.

(II) Allowances for Participants

For the talents who are invited to participate the Preliminary Competition in Europe in Hamburg and to Finals in Jinan, the accommodation expenses will be covered by the organizing committee and a certain amount of international travel grant will also be provided.

(III) Local Policy Support.

Provided that the winning projects will be implemented and transferred to industry in Jinan in six months, they will be directly brought into the 5150 Program for Talents Introduction” of Jinan after approved by experts, and will be offered a corresponding financial support (for business start-up Talents: three million RMB if in Category A, two million RMB if in Category B, and one million RMB if in Category C; for entrepreneurial team: five million RMB if in Category A, three million RMB if in Category B, and two million RMB if in Category C.).

(IV) Capital Support.

The competition will provide a capital assistance for quality projects, and we will invite professional Chinese
investment institutions and top Chinese investors to carry out a matchmaking with the quality projects.

(V) Entrepreneurship Support.

A specific section for interpreting policies of key industry development and of serving Talents in Jinan will be set up on the competition website, and a number of events are to be held during the Jinan Final Competition, such as “a meet-and-greet with chairmen of the boards from listed companies”, “a meet-and-greet with returned
entrepreneurs from overseas” and “a matchmaking with fund companies”, so as to provide guidance and services for contestants to start up a business and establish their projects.

VII. Matters of Attention

(I) Participants shall be responsible for the authenticity of the documents as submitted, and shall be disqualified for any delict such as plagiarism and idea stealing. Provided that participants are found to conduct any delict such as plagiarism or idea stealing after the competition, awards and funds provided for them shall be canceled immediately. Where the competition projects involve in intellectual property disputes, related liability shall be borne by the participants.

(II) Documents submitted by participants will be kept confidential, and will be used only as review materials for reference by the Competition Organizing Committee.

VIII. Contact Information

Association of Chinese-European Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACEIE)

Contact Name: Ms. Xiaotao,Ding
Tel: +31 640458290

Contact Name: Ms. Ling, Yang
Tel: +49 1733744860

Registration Form

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