HSK Test

China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, known as HSK or the Chinese Proficiency Test is an international exam with which the level of knowledge of the Chinese language can be tested. The exam is an initiative of Hanban, headquarters of all Confucius Institutes. The HSK can be coupled with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Therefore it's easy to define on which level you are.

A new HSK Test level system was introduced in 2010. The new system has six levels for the paper exams and three levels for the oral exams.

The oral exams consist of three levels:

HSK 1 and 2 beginners

HSK 3 and 4 intermediate

HSK 5 and 6 advanced

This means that when you pass level 2 you are able to make simple sentences and answer routine questions. You are also able to speak and write about everyday things. When you pass level 3 you have mastered basic Chinese. You are able to speak and write about everyday things but you are also able to speak and write about situations regarding the workplace or regarding school. Upward of level 4 you are able to discuss various topics with native speakers. Upward of level 5 you can enjoy a Chinese movie or read Chinese papers and magazines. Furthermore you are able to give a reasonably long speech in Chinese. When you achieve level 6 you can speak and write the Chinese language fluently.

For more information about HSK please check out the website of Hanban.

Registration 2019

You can register online, two months before the exam date on www.chinesetest.cn.

Procedure of Registration

  1. Log onto the website: www.chinesetest.cn
  2. Sign up

    Provide necessary personal information including e-mail address, nationality, mother tongue and date of birth.

  3. Test registration

    Selecting test format, test center and date, completing your personal information, uploading a photo and confirming registration information. GCI only provide paper-based test.

  4. Pay the test fees

    Test takers who take paper-based test must pay the fee at least 27 days before the test date, after registration GCI will send you a test invoice by email, which can be paid online.

  5. Test registration confirmation

    After completing registration and paying test fee, test takers who has provided valid email address can check their inbox for confirmation message 10 days before the test date, If test takers has not received a confirmation message, he/she should consult with GCI.

  6. Collect/ Print Test Admission Ticket

    Test takers can log on the Chinese Testing Service website to print the Admission Ticket.
Test takers go to take the test on the test date with his Test Admission Ticket and ID Certificate.

Location and timetable

You will receive more information about the location and timetable 2 weeks in advance.


Prices are inclusive of VAT, administration fee and sending costs for the certificate.

HSK Level 127
HSK Level 237
HSK Level 347
HSK Level 462
HSK Level 572
HSK Level 682
HSK (K) Oral Test( Elementary)27
HSK (K) Oral Test (Intermediate)47
HSK (K) Oral Test (Advanced)67

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