Individual Registration

Procedure of Individual Registration

  1. Log onto the website

  2. Sign up

    Provide necessary personal information including e-mail address, nationality, native language, date of birth and other information required.

  3. Test registration

    First, select test level, test format, test center and test date. Then complete your personal information, upload a photo and confirm your registration information.

    • GCI only provides paper-based test.
    • Test center is the organizer of the test, not the actual location you take test. For more details, please check the test plan.
    • Please upload a standard, 2-inch identification photo in a JPG format not larger than 100 KB.
  4. Pay the test 

    After your registration, you will receive an invoice from GCI via mail. Please complete your payment before the deadline stated on our website; otherwise, we cannot confirm your registration.

    • You will receive your invoice either on Monday or Thursday.
    • Please send us a confirmation email which states that you have paid the invoice. 
  5. Test registration confirmation

    After completing registration and paying test fee, you will receive a confirmation letter 10 days before the test. If no confirmation is received a message, please feel free to contact us. 

  6. Collect/ Print Test Admission Ticket

    You can log onto the Chinese Testing Service website to print the Admission Ticket. On the test date, you must bring and present your Test Admission Ticket and identity certificate to take the test.

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