GCI Exhibition: Meet-up with Artists

On 19 April, GCI successfully held the highlight event of GCI Exhibition - “Meet-up with Artists” in China Cultural Center in Den Haag, with around 30 Chinese art fans having participated in this event.

The dialogue scene

Mrs. Liu Jingyi, Chinese Director of GCI hosted and facilitated an art dialogue among four special guests, including Mr. Zhang Qieyi and Mrs. Zhang Huirong - the Chinese calligrapher and the Chinese painter for GCI exhibition, Mr. Alex Lebbink -the manager of SinArts Gallery in the Netherlands, and Mr. Geert Mul - a Dutch artist and collector.

Mrs. Liu Jingyi, Chinese Director of GCI was hosting the dialogue

The dialogue was carried out based on the two Chinese artists’ respective experiences of creating Mega Character calligraphic works and reproducing ancient paintings, as well as a series of Chinese cultural performances integrating multiple art forms given by GCI teachers, including ancient Chinese classic literature recitation, new annotation of ancient Chinese poem and Chinese zither solo, while the two Dutch artists expressed their views on the similarities and differences in expressing various art forms and combining modern and traditional art between Chinese and Western culture.

Chinese classic literature recitation "An Epigraph in Praise of My Humble Home" performed by Fang Afang, GCI teacher

"Song of Purity and Peace" performed by Jiang Wei, GCI teacher

Chinese zither solo "Singing Night on the Fishing Boat" performed by Xie Jingfan, GCI teacher

After the dialogue, a guide tour of the exhibition was arranged to help the participants understand and appreciate the exhibited Chinese calligraphy and painting works, and social drinking was also provided for the attendees to communicate with the artists at the end of the event.

Song Ziwen, GCI teacher, was introducing a painting to Chinese art fans

This event has displayed Chinese art in diverse forms such as calligraphy, painting, ancient poetry and music, and has also created an art dialogue between tradition and modernity and between East and West, thus deepening mutual understanding of each other’s culture.

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