GCI Webinar: China and the World

On 7 December, GCI held a webinar on China and the world, during which Dr. Zhang Ying, professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University delivered a one-hour lecture, interpreting the reasons for China's rapid economic development from the cultural level, Chinese characteristics of market-oriented economy, the transformation of Made in China from the manufacturing pattern to the innovative pattern, etc.

Dr. Zhang Ying was giving the lecture

The lecture was then followed by a 30-minute heated discussion, when two special guests, Dr. Frank Gaenssmantel, an assistant professor in the Department of International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen, and Mr. Mike Enting, a master student of the University of Groningen and Fudan University, were firstly invited to give their comments on the lecture and share their insights into several topics, for example, the growth rate of China, the governmental system and China’s strategies to unemployment.

Special guest Dr. Frank Gaenssmantel was sharing his insights

More than 40 participants both online and offline from seven different countries also actively interacted with the presenter in the discussion, exploring a wide range of questions such as sustainability and entrepreneurship capacity.

The lecture attracted a lot of online participants

Continuation of discussion after the webinar

Understanding China is a series of webinars organized by GCI, with the aim to provide more perspectives on China and to facilitate more dialogues between China and the world, in order to help people all over the world have a better understanding of China. In June, GCI held five webinars on various topics, including the history of photography in China, the Chinese publishing business, fundamentals of harmonism in Chinese heritage, Confucius and Plato on music education, and how to do business in China. Many more webinars will be launched by GCI from January 2018.

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